by Sons of August

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released January 15, 2011

Matt Sessions
JC Chan
Justin Robertson
Jason Grissinger
Maggie Malyn
Ryan Ratfield



all rights reserved


Sons of August Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Winter Horoscopes
Winter Horoscopes

As long you keep it truthful and I will do the same
listen to your heart and not play games
please invest all your thoughts when ever you see fit
I've been known to as well I have to admit

I want you to know, i want you to know
we can work it out

it almost seems as if it was inevitable for
someone like you and me to come this far
and even before we formed, you wished i had been yours
I feel timings everything and thats for sure
Track Name: Soldiers

Soldiers in wedding gowns sweep your bad dreams
sailed away for the day
and breathe in because this is your own life

If living life is, is too hard
then why don't you quit while you're ahead
take your own life, sweet dreams in bed
when will we be together in heaven
Track Name: The Fine Line
The Fine Line

You shared enough, and ran the race
got dead first and broke the stage
you're sensible, you're sensible, you're sensibly in tune

you choose
to walk the fine line of life

you kept your word and made mistakes
learned few things in between
you're sensible, you're sensible, you're sensibly doomed

when karmas ran out free will takes the blame
You're dispensable, despicable, chemically changed attitude

you've stepped on so many toes of mine
i conclude that it's all behind
Track Name: Fermenting on a Screen
It’s simple like your song , the one you forgot
it’s harmonic like, your logic you ignored
all this fermenting on a screen waiting to be said

the lights too bright, but what can I do instead? The
music was too loud, but what did she say ?
All this forming on a screen waiting to be said

say something loud enough i can hear
for the whole world to hear me out
so we can both go deaf, If its the last thing I hear
I’ll smile and only remember those words

play my heart out it’s altered by the fatigue
lets get on with the rest of our new routine
all this forming on a screen waiting to be said
Track Name: Jaded but still Repeat
Jaded But Still Repeat

I've had it up to here, I'm trying to sleep it off
everything anyone has done

and then i see it there
and then i hear it there
why do i even try?

jaded but still repeat, whos counting anyway
maybe i'll try to write instead
Track Name: Almost Dead
Almost Dead

Weekends are made for living,
but everybody says that you’re dead
They've all erased your face and moved on for better things

driving down highways
driving for hours
and I'm still trying to find
my friends in the end

looking at those screens dont tell you what they’re thinking
I keep telling myself it’s only excuses for someone else

I need somebody to tell me it's gonna be okay
Track Name: Cameo Rodeo
Cameo Rodeo

Don't you miss it, it's almost gone now
there it goes passing by the clouds
and you knew what it's all about

In that instance, it was so clear
and all the mundane seemed to disappear
and it moved the scene about

partially I cling to sound
to the sounds on keys up above
on the other, other hand, theres
a wall I just can't stand

and to think that you've had it all wrong
your folly brings the next new sun
and you grew to the size of clouds
Track Name: Forgetting Curve
Forgetting Curve

Silently touching down
The ground seemed much closer before

cause she talks
the same way you did
cause she talks
in the same tongues you did
cause she walks
in the same steps you did

I know im just replacing you
and everything she does, its plain you

Waking up to new light
seeing the color shift
Track Name: Sunday Vendetta
Sunday Vendetta

You sit alone in the chapel all by yourself
and you pray and you scream and shout
and you start to pout about the world
and how its not right

you sit and stare at me in blindness, where is your faith?
and you stray, cause you know
what the answer is and you say that im not right

dont move, you're always looking forward
but you never look back and that is the symptom
Take sides, i know you gotta choose one
your souls on the line and that is the problem

dont you wish it was that easy
all the answers, all right there
it’s in a book, just take a look
and you will be enlightened

but i'd rather look to logic, and make up my mind
and then i stray, you join the ranks,
and make your thanks to your friends,
knowing that you're right

time is the only truth
and I've got time for you..
but i wont turn back the clock for you
Track Name: Burning your Favorite bridges
Burnning Your Favorite Bridges

Sing me a song, Like I knew it
I'll sing along, as you do it
you’ve got some nerve, looking at me through
those eyes, waiting....waiting

love only comes once in a lifetime
so take a chance and burn all your bridges
I cant help all of the people who stand in the way
of me and you

and i know that i didnt stand a chance
in the world